The Artist’s Mind

Starter Pack

  • FREE Greek Mini Sculpture - To have those Dark Academia vibes always with you
  • Checklist for creative writing - Whether you're experiencing writer's block or just want to translate your thoughts into words
  • BONUS: Special Handwritten Note - My personal surprise for you!

I Got You A Gift!

Hi "Ghost Writer", I have a special gift for you!

Do you love to express yourself through your aesthetic and be surrounded by the fine arts?

As a musician, creativity is my main tool to express any thoughts and feelings, which is why I decided to put this gift pack together for your own creative journey. In the Artist's Mind Starter Pack you will receive a mini sculpture statue as your personal mojo, a handwritten note and a checklist with tips to never experience writer's block ever again and to finally tell your story in your own words!

All of this is absolutely free, the only favor that I ask is that you chip in for shipping and handling.

What are you waiting for?

Claim your free Artist's Mind Starter Pack now!

Check Out What Others Are Saying...

“Since young, I used to find my mentors (I treated them my mentors ❤) in book authors and musicians. Their words, their thoughts, their perspectives... it all helped me become myself to these days. Fortunate enough to add you up on the list.

(...) Your thoughts on writing, getting along with one's self, and etcetera was very much impactful. I, in fact, saved some of your posts for future references...”

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